10 Auto Maintenance Tips That Could Save You Thousands

Cars need to be maintained in order to assure proper operation. Caring for the vehicle properly now, could save you thousands of dollars in preventable repairs. Below is a list of some auto maintenance tips essential to ensuring your vehicle operates properly.


1. You should check your brake fluid once a month.
Be sure to wipe the dirt off of the master cylinder's lid prior to opening it. Always add the kind of fluid that is recommended by the vehicle's instruction manual.

A little known fact is that using brake fluid from a container that was previously opened is not recommended. This is because once brake fluid is exposed to air it absorbs contaminates and moisture very easily, which is detrimental to an anti-lock brake system.

The anti-lock brake system is susceptible to moisture. If moisture enters the system it can destroy the very expensive ABS pump and/or cause the brake lines to decay from the inside.

2. Because brake fluid tends to attract moisture, it needs to be purged or 'bled' in the least every three years or according to the recommendation in the owner's manual.


3. Wash your engine every other year. Clean engines run cooler than dirty engines do.

Oil & Filters

Everyone knows that the most popular of the car care tips is that the engine oil needs to be checked. However, the majority of us do not check it frequently enough.

4. The oil should be checked every other time the car is filled with gas.

5. Frequent oil changes are mandatory.

It has been said time and time again that keeping the oil in a vehicle changed will lengthen the life of the engine. Despite the fact that many of the owner's manuals for the cars today recommend long intervals between changing the oil, the fact is that frequently changed oil assists with flushing metal particles and abrasive dirt out of the engine will prolong its life.

The majority of owner's manuals suggest oil changes more frequently for 'severe conditions.' To keep your engine running smoothly, follow the recommendations for severe conditions in your manual. This is especially true for individuals who drive frequently in stop-and-go traffic.


6. Change oil filter at least every other change, it holds nearly one quart of dirty oil which remains with the fresh, clean oil. According to some car care tips, changing it each time is ideal.

7. Check your air filter bi-monthly and replace it when necessary.

8. Some makers claim that the newer cars fuel filter need never be changed. Even so, it is smart to change the filter yearly.

A fuel filter that is clogged will cause starting and hesitation issues which is the earliest warning that there could be corrosion in the gas tank.

9. Transmission fluid filter should be changed after the initial 5,000 miles of driving and then every 25,000 miles or two years thereafter.

Spark Plugs

10. Change the spark plugs every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

With the on-board computer and electronic ignitions, regular tune-ups have been eliminated. However, changing the spark plugs is still necessary and this will guarantee good engine performance and fuel mileage.

By following these auto maintenance tips, your vehicle will run smoothly and last longer.


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