Console Dog Car Seats - Keeping Your Small Pet Safe

Do you enjoy traveling with your little dog? Lots of pet owners love taking tiny Tinkerbell of little Chico out for a ride, especially on summer days. However, driving with a pet on your lap or even in the passenger side next to you can be hazardous. Learn the advantages of console dog car seats and how they're the perfect way to keep your small pet safe.

What is a Console Pet Car Seat?

Console dog car seats are small, enclosed platforms for your pet to sit securely in during car rides. They attach via straps to the center console between the driver and passenger seats. They are designed for small dogs no heavier than 8 pounds and come with a second set of straps to secure pet firmly and comfortably in place.


Small dogs want to see what's going on outside. They tend to jump around looking from window to window, trying to take it all in. While this may be cute, it can cause driver distraction and get in the way of vehicle operation. Even more frightening, overexcited dogs can easily fall from the window of a speeding car if not properly secured.

Console pet seats assure your pet rides in comfort and security while sitting up high enough so your pooch can see out the window.


Since small dogs are often nervous and jittery, the softness of the material and the comforting feeling of being securely strapped in place can calm them. Even long car rides will go smoothly and will be more enjoyable for both owner and pet.

You won't have to worry about seasonal changes with a console pet car seat made from faux lamb's wool. The material keeps your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


A console pet car seat is versatile and convenient. It can easily double as a pet carrier for visits to the pet shop, groomer or veterinarian and makes the perfect travel dog bed.


Console dog car seats come in a wide variety of colors, prints and materials. Choose from blue, pink, red, green, brown, black, polka dots, stripes or even leopard print. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your style.

Easy Care

Console pet seats are easy to care for. Most can be machine-washed or disassembled and cleaned by hand.


Many pet stores and retail outlets carry generic Console pet seats. However, if you're looking for a wider and more personalized selection, check out online retailers that specialize in the product.

Taking your pet out for a ride is easy with a console pet car seat. They're cute, easy to install, versatile and provide security and comfort for your anxious pet while traveling. Console dog car seats provide peace of mind for both pet and owner so no matter where the road takes you, you'll arrive in safety and style.


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